Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hello, hello, hello,

As I have recieved absolutely nothing for the holidays, not even a letter and might I add only two Merry Christmas on Facebook, I can only assume that I, unlike my friends who recieved boxes of tangiable love from their friends and family, have been forgotten. I light of my birthday on the 9th of january I have decided to not be ignored. I have decided that perhaps you all simply need some encouragement. You can send me the following:

Snazzy, cheap earrings
Easy Crossword puzzles
National Geographic
Hybrid Rechrargable batteries - Rayovac (AA and lot's of them)

Or who could simply send a email my way and say hi. And Carol, if you do not start to respond to my emails I will cut you out of my life.

Happy Holidays!



Emily said...

Mom doesn't respond to my emails, either.

We talked about you at Christmas. We all miss you. Tisa's working too hard.

I am guilty of not sending you anything, despite my best intentions. Do I know how to send things? I think so.... I will give it my all next week, and you should receive whatever it is by, oh, June.

Love you, miss you, etc etc.


sara said...

Baaaa humbug.

you don't respond to my emails either.
so there.
I figured the hoodoo had gotten you.
I'm rather glad it hasn't.

You're missed, and were discussed over lunch today with Andy and Alex.

The rain in the Bay started today. It'll probably rain till April.
I'm gonna take a nap.


ps... written enthusiasm will be present next time. Promise.