Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can't update right now

I had planned to send out a long update to supplement the one I had sent out last week but then I become swamped with a project, had my cell phone, rechargeable batteries and thumbdrive stolen, and came down with a really bad case of food posioning and have been in the med unit recovering. So now I am going back to post a day late and woosy and with no update for all of you. I will see if I can get somethig out by the end of the month. I also have a lot of pictures and I am going to post but witht he computers here it will be really hard to do this with out my thumbdrive. So I will do the best I can. Once again, I hope everyone is doing well and for those of you one myspace I have been trying to update my page but the connection is so slow that it takes a while and many times it is difficult to sign in. So I will get to you eventually.



Emily said...

Firstly, I had a dream in which the entire family had moved into my apartment. Even Uncle David and my grandma were living here. I hit my boiling point and kicked everyone out when Nancy moved my toaster into the cupboard and I realized no one was paying rent. On reflection, I think you were the one missing family member. Sorry!

Secondly, we went to Nancy's house for Easter dinner tonight, and I carpooled with my ma and Tisa. Mom and I were raving about your stellar writing abilities. You do keep quite an entertaining blog. I am constantly amused and amazed at your frank, witty style.

Thirdly, the play I wrote is touring to San Diego in two weeks, and Nancy is going. We have plans to put together a care package for you when we meet up there.

Fourthly, I'm sorry I haven't put together a care package before now, even though I keep promising to. I think about you every time I'm in Target, but I can't bear the thought of visiting the Post Office. It will be done, though. I swear. I will make Nancy do it.

Natasha Ott said...

Great, glad you liked it and congrats about the play. When you and Nancy send me a package could you send a new thumbdrive?