Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Development work is kicking my ass

That and giardia, constant demands for money, patriarchy, random 104 degree fevers, omnipresent demands for marriage/ babies, language plateaus, cultural misunderstandings and frustrations, lack of infrastructure, lack of money, lack of patience, lack of champagne, lack of tacos, misconceptions, bad roads, corrupt people, death, poverty, and an enormous sense of responsibility.

But it's not that bad.

I remember one time my mom telling me that People can change. She'd seen it, but it took a very long time and was very hard on everyone involved. That pretty much sums it up. April was a bad month, where I was pretty much slapped around with all the aforementioned things, but luckily May is proving to be much better and I am beginning to see my way through all the muck. Peace Corps is really invigorating, challenging, frustrating, inspiring and depressing at the same time. It is both a wonderful and hard experience. But I'll tell you something, it beats working.

My Ewe name is Amavi. It means little girl born on Saturday. Amavi's have the reputation of being very calm and chill. But everyone in village calls me Natasha and they shorten it to Nata. So for those keeping track, my names are the following:

Natasha (American/ European)
Amavi (Ewe/ West African)
Nakaka (Hawii)

In other news I have decided that when I come back I am going to get my MPH in International Health. And I need money. Please send money.

And decided I don't want to address women's issues in Togo yet. Perhaps another time.

I hope everyone is doing well.



Emma said...

So where are you doing this degree?

Lauren's Dad said...

Lauren was pleased that you were in Lome to look after her on her return. Thanks; she appreciated the time you spent together. I did too. Be well.

Tisa said...

Your a very clever writer Tash. I came upon your blog early in the morning, whilst in a moment of vainity, googled my own name. Then I thought "Oh look, Tahsa mentioned me!" Only to find that it was actually Emily in a reply. Either way I am very proud that you are my sister.